Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is to provide leadership and oversight of the activities of the association. In both areas it will strive to represent the interests of members and the broader community. Read More

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Board of Directors – Description of function

Elements for a Board member Job Description Role To direct the organisation towards the realisation of its mission. To ensure that the organisation and its assets are effectively managed. Responsibilities Planning Participate in creating and reviewing strategic orientations. Approve, on … Read More

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By-laws are the set of rules under which the organisation will operate. They typically include such items as (a) number of members, term length, nomination process, committees, and meetings; (b) fiscal year/accounting cycles, committees, and officers’ responsibilities; (c) methodologies, tools, … Read More

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Employees & Volunteers

Volunteers are unique to non-profit organizations and are a vital resource in governance, administrative and service capacities. Non-profit organisation’s human resource policies must be fair, establish clear expectations and provide for meaningful and effective performance evaluation for both paid employees … Read More

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General Assembly

The By-Laws of each organization must define the General Assembly and more specifically: – Duties and responsibilities of the General Assembly – Who can participate in the general assembly? (in general, the full members of the organization) – Proxy policy … Read More

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Good international practices – European Medecines Agency

EMA criteria One of the best examples of good international practices certainly are the European Medecines Agency’s Criteria to be fulfilled by Patients’ and Consumers’ Organisations involved in EMA Activities: The organisations should be established at European Union (EU) level, and … Read More

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The statutes (or articles of incorporation, charters, constitutions, articles of association, etc.) are established when the organization files for incorporation with the appropriate state agency. A Board of Directors gets its authority from the articles. This governing document specifies, for … Read More

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