Employees & Volunteers

Volunteers are unique to non-profit organizations and are a vital resource in governance, administrative and service capacities. Non-profit organisation’s human resource policies must be fair, establish clear expectations and provide for meaningful and effective performance evaluation for both paid employees and volunteers.
–    Employees and volunteers should be committed to the mission of the organisation and competently perform the duties they agreed to assume
–    The employees and volunteers of the organisations should broadly reflect the diversity of their organisation’s constituencies.
–    The organisation should invest in the training of employees and volunteers as a mean to ensure quality management and service.
–    The organisation should have a system in place for written evaluation of employees and volunteers by their respective supervisors at leadt annually
–    The organisation should have a system in place for the succession of employees, most notably the executive director
–    New employees and volunteers of the organisation should receive clear orientation to the mission of the group and its policies and procedures, job definitions and expectations and a defined workspace.

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