Board of Directors – Description of function

Elements for a Board member Job Description


  • To direct the organisation towards the realisation of its mission.
  • To ensure that the organisation and its assets are effectively managed.



  • Participate in creating and reviewing strategic orientations.
  • Approve, on an annual basis, the action plan, budget, projects.
  • Act as a collegiate body with collective responsibility.


  • Appoint, support and monitor the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation
  • Review Board performance and take regular steps to develop and improve this performance.
  • Review, on an annual basis, the Directors’ Job Description.
  • Ensure the organisational basis (personnel and financial) of the organisation is adequate to meet its operational needs.


  • Attend Board meetings, having read e-mails and papers in advance of meetings.
  • Participate in and support appropriate committees within the Board or externally to represent the policies and concerns of the organisation.
  • Write  short reports of all meetings, conferences etc. attended on behalf of the organisation, and forward to the organisation all presentations made at these events.
  • Contribute specific skills, interests and contacts to the development of the organisation and its aims.


  • Strengthen the membership base in country of origin, by encouraging membership applications.
  • Examine membership applications from candidates from country of origin.
  • Ensure that the member organisation from country of origin pay their fees.
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