Action Plans

Actions plans are the specific means by which objectives are accomplished. They incorporate 5 factors:
1.    The specific step or activity/action.
2.    The person who will be held responsible for seeing that each step or action is completed. (Quite often this point is left out, at least officially, and any problems that happen over time with this step or action can be left unresolved due to no-one’s ‘owning’ the issue. Appoint a leader or volunteer!)
3.    When these steps or actions are to be carried out – timelines.
4.    The resources that need to be allocated in order to carry out each step or action.
5.    The feedback mechanisms needed to be able to track the progress of a step or action (performance indicator) and to know when it has been completed.

Action plans identify the resource requirements necessary to accomplish an objective. When all action plans are viewed together, management can determine how many objectives they can actually accomplish over a given period of time. If sufficient resources are not available, more must be found and allocated, and/or the objectives must be changed/limited/edited, which may be facilitated by an objective prioritization process. It is far better to modify an objective to a point that it can be accomplished than to leave unrealistic expectations in the plan.

You and your group need to revisit the Action Plan often. If it is a two-year, three-year, five-year Action Plan, one does not wait until the end of the term to see ‘if things got accomplished’, but one must review at least quarterly the strengths and weaknesses and buttress up, if necessary, any areas that need extra support, etc

Below we offer some Action Plans found on the internet. If your group would like to share an Action Plan, feel free to add it, and thank you!


Global Environmnet Facility Action Plan Final
Filename : global-environmnet-facility-action-plan-final.pdf (125 KB)
Caption :
Health Promotion Action Plan
Filename : health-promotion-action-plan.pdf (35 KB)
Caption :
Humanitarian Reform Action Plan
Filename : humanitarin-reform-action-plan.pdf (121 KB)
Caption :

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