Foundations by country – Europe


Members Listing. Council of Finnish Foundations.

Listing of 40 grantmaking foundations and associations, with some Internet links.


The Foundation Jean Jaur├Ęs


German Foundation Index

Provides links to more than 1,200 homepages of German foundations. The site includes a resource list and bibliography about German foundations, and a geographical search feature.

Maecenata Institute for Third Sector Studies maintains a database on German foundations and a database on scholarships. The database on foundations offers you detailed information on 8000 German foundations. A register helps you to search for appropriate grantmaking foundations – for fund-raising and research purposes.

Great Britain

Charities Aid Foundation. Directory of Grant Making Trusts, 20th ed. London, Directory of Social Change, 2007.

A directory of over 2,500 British grantmaking trusts. The contents include a list of the top 150 trusts and an explanation of the directory. Part 1 lists the trusts that have either given to a charity working within the area identified or where an entry indicates that the trustees may consider an appropriate application. Part 2 lists the major fields supported by grantmaking trusts under subject headings. Part 3 classifies the trusts by the types of support provided. Part 4 gives an alphabetical list of the grantmaking trusts. Entries include the title of the trust; year established; registration number; contact information; trustees; restrictions; beneficial area; finances; type of grant; type of beneficiary; submission of applications; publications; and notes. This database of foundations is available at


Fondsenboek. The Hague, Netherlands: Association of Foundations in the Netherlands.


Network of Community Foundations. Warsaw, Poland: Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland. Brief listings and Internet links to philanthropic organizations in Poland.


Information on more than 650 Spanish foundations, with Internet links.

Switzerland Online listing, with some Internet links, to information about the organizational members of Swiss Foundations.

The Swedish International Liberal Centre (

The Alfred Mozer Foundation (

Fondation Robert Schuman (France)

The Center for Philanthropy, Ukraine ( CSR aims to promote philanthropy and strengthen civil society in Ukraine. CSR Europe (, the European business-to-business network for Corporate Social Responsibility.

European Foundation Centre-EFC ( promotes and underpins the work of foundations and corporate funders active in and with Europe. Established in 1989 by seven of Europe’s leading foundations, the EFC has a membership of over 160 independent funders and serves a further 7,000 organizations through networking centers in 35 countries across Europe.

German Foundation Index ( is the most comprehensive resource on German foundations on the Internet. It contains more than 150 links to German foundations’ websites, a large number of reference to international grantmakers, bibliographic information on the non-profit sector and advice to grantseekers.

Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (, an international not-for-profit organization founded, in 1990, to promote socially responsible business practices that benefit business and society and which help to achieve social, economic and environmentally sustainable development. The Forum maintains a database on socially responsible business practice.


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