Fundraising toolkit

As a patient group, you will be well aware of the uncertain and insecure funding environment that you have to operate within – and in the current economic climate, this uncertainty is only set to increase. Despite this, there are many ways of raising money and lots of funding sources. The opportunities can be overwhelming for any organisation, whether you are just starting out or more experienced. The aim of this fundraising toolkit, therefore, is to make the fundraising process as straightforward as possible for your organisation. Divided into sections, the toolkit offers practical information and guidance on how to successfully fundraise for projects while keeping the running costs of your organisation in check. We have a glossary of all fundraising terms you need to know. All the information can be adapted to suit the particular needs of your individual organisations, and we hope this resource will help you to raise much-needed money for your organisation, and at the same time, enable you to have fun. Good luck!

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