8 basic steps to setting up a European Federation

Based on the Arrythmia Alliance toolkit

1. Find your leaders!

2. Establish your mission

3. Register as a Charity/ not for profit organisation

4. Begin fundraising

5. Begin outreach: hold patient education meetings

6. Develop a website

7. Raise awareness on your disease (special day/month of the year)

8. Develop a long range (2-5 year) strategic plan

Download the Arrythmia Alliance Tool Kit: Patient Alliance International Toolkit

Download the toolkit : Toolkit_How_to_develop_a_national_MS_Society


File: Patient-Alliance-International-Toolkit.pdf (3 MB)
File: Toolkit_How_to_develop_a_national_MS_Society.pdf (248 kB)
Caption: Toolkit_How_to_develop_a_national_MS_Society
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