Cross border tax relief

In a landmark decision, the European Court of Justice ruled on 27 January 2009 that national restrictions on tax relief for cross border donations to charities in other European Union Member States are unlawful. This decision has significant implications for all charities throughout the EU.

The case was brought by a German resident who donated items to a Portuguese charity. The German tax authorities rejected his claim for a tax deduction in respect of the donation on the basis that the beneficiary of the gift was not a charitable body established in Germany. German law allows a deduction for tax purposes in respect of donations to charitable bodies established in Germany, but excludes this relief in respect of donations to charitable bodies in other Member States.

The European court of Justice ruled that the restriction imposed by the German authorities constituted a restriction of the free movement of capital, which is prohibited by EU law.

This ruling should result in a change of law in EU countries that impose similar restrictions.


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The Cross-Border Directory comprises:

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UK charity tax relief
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