Foundations & Giving networks

The following list is of some very large foundations and networks that may be potential funders for your CBO or NGO, as well as online directories of foundations not previously listed.

Foundations usually require ALL of the items detailed under the section called “The Absolute Essential Preparations To Solicit Donations: Details Ready to Share.” Also, as has been mentioned frequently, respect the funding guidelines of these potential funders — for instance, if an organization says it only funds environmental programs, and your organization is not an environmentally-focused organization, do NOT contact them:


Includes historical and current information on activities of the major international development donors and some civil society organizations and private foundations.

Asian Development Bank

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, a private philanthropy based in Flint, Michigan.

Links to more than 100 foundations and other funding organizations

Fundsnet Online Services ( is a privately owned Web site created in 1996 for the purpose of providing Nonprofit Organizations, Colleges and Universities with information on financial resources available on the Internet. and

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