Formal written enactment of authority that governs an organisation. Statutes declare policy and are considered the “primary authority”. Give us your feedback on the statutes we are drawing up.

EURO HSP Statutes

EURO HSP STATUTES (Registered at the Prefecture de Police de Paris on 2010/07/21. Ref number W751205920 TITLE-AIM-SEAT Article 1 It is based, among the adherents to these statutes, an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and its … Read More

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Mission statement

A Mission statement describes the organization’s: Values Target Audience Core Services Unique Attributes A mission statement is a succinct statement that conveys your organization’s reason for being. Coming up with an effective mission statement is worth the time and effort. … Read More

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The statutes (or articles of incorporation, charters, constitutions, articles of association, etc.) are established when the organization files for incorporation with the appropriate state agency. A Board of Directors gets its authority from the articles. This governing document specifies, for … Read More

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