European Foundation Centre

The EFC is an international association of foundations and corporate funders dedicated to: Creating an enabling legal and fiscal environment for foundations Documenting the foundation landscape Strengthening the infrastructure of the sector Promoting collaboration, both among foundations and between foundations and … Read More

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A ‘donation‘ is made to an organization (or a specific activity such as a conference) with an objective in mind – sometimes simply to get a good image. This is critical to understand when we approach a potential sponsor – … Read More

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Fundraising toolkit

As a patient group, you will be well aware of the uncertain and insecure funding environment that you have to operate within – and in the current economic climate, this uncertainty is only set to increase. Despite this, there are … Read More

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Mission-driven fundraising

A wealth of information, this site is based on the premise that you are dedicated to your mission and to fundraising. At there is even a section on Fundraising during a Recession!

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Online transactions and giving – beware!

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are almost always in need of fundraising ideas. Many NGOs are strapped for cash and are constantly looking for ways to collect capital for the group to work with. Luckily, most NGOs have the benefit of working … Read More

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Patients funding research

The Jennifer Trust is a member of SMA Europe, the umbrella coalition of SMA patient organisations in Europe. SMA Europe was set up in 2006 in order to facilitate dialogue between European patient organisations, and co-ordinate and pool research efforts … Read More

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Paying to fundraise?

While many, if not most, Community Patient Organisations cannot afford to pay to fundraise, there are a number of services out there who, for relatively small amounts, offer connections with funders (lists), classes on how to best fundraise (write a … Read More

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Webinar: Crowdfunding and Rare Diseases

There has been an increase in crowdfunding projects and websites over the past year. It seems that crowdfunding (gather small amounts of money from individuals) and rare diseases (dispersed population) could make a good match. Rare Connect organised on October … Read More

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